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March 12, 2020

We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day once a year, on March 17th, because this is the day that the Patron Saint died on in 461 A.D.
Isn’t that incredible?

🍀 How do we celebrate his life, though? 🍀

St. Patty’s Day is known for the celebratory drinks created and drank on that day. If you go to an Irish pub and don’t have a Guinness or mixed drink with Jameson in your hand, you may be harshly judged.

Simply put, St. Patrick’s Day is widely known to be a drinking holiday. But we can still live a healthy lifestyle on and around that holiday!


🍀 Staying Active 🍀

Is a big part of it. If you’re walking around on St. Patrick’s Day, that means you’re burning calories from all the greasy food and alcoholic beverages you’ve been consuming. Staying active is key to filtering out all the stuff that’s bad for you.
Did you now that’s what leprechauns did every day? They made sure that they were active by running around their shops, mending shoes and taking care of customers' needs daily. However, male leprechauns were the only ones that did this, as female leprechauns never technically existed.


🍀 You can still participate 🍀

In all the fun festivities, though! Living a healthy lifestyle through the holiday isn’t that hard to do – just be mindful!

It wouldn’t hurt to carry a SNAP Nutrition protein/fiber bar with you, too. Instead of indulging in greasy food and sugary drinks ALL day, you can switch over to something a little better for your health. Choose from the Double Chocolate Chunk, Vanilla Marshmallow, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Caramel Pretzel bars. Pass one to your friend to keep them on track and highly energized throughout the day, too!

At least this way, you won’t feel entirely bad for continuously eating Irish food and drinking Irish booze throughout the day. And remember, you don’t have to dive right in. Everything can be ate/drank in moderation if you’re trying to stick with your healthy diet.



🍀Fun Fact🍀

Did you know that the first parade wasn’t even held in Ireland? It was held in Boston, on March 17th, 1937.

If you’re looking for a fun town to visit this year on the Irish holiday, head on over to Chicago – they take 25 pounds of dye and turn their river green for the entire day!

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